live performance, HD video
Tempo~orale stages a physical-vocal practice encompassed in atmos- pheric video imagery. The initial focus is the movement of the mouth, the most apparent cavity that echoes the junction of internal and ex- ternal desires.

Two performers Angelo Custodio and eva susova cultivate their friend- ship into a shared confidential environment that stimulates bodily voices to resonate and be exteriorised as they emerge. Enforced by the tempo they (de)compose.

Uncanny sounds and combinations of words alluding to popular and commonly recognized paradigms, unfold in the unpredictable live score, exposing the vulnerability and the intensity of ones voice.

Through engagement in listening to oneself and the other simulta- neous

ly, humorous situations arise. The making of “sense” is in Tem- po~orale observed as the matter of sensing.

This project was supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst