(*1986) Czech Republic, lives and works in Amsterdam (NL)
  eva susova obtained her MA in Fine Arts at Sandberg Institute, her BA in Choreography at the SNDO at Amsterdam University of Arts. She works as an artist, a choreographer, a performer, and an educator. Her work investigates the politics of the body, movement, voice- the corporeality, through the production of experiences. These experiences often allude to imaginative and speculative fiction, represented in forms of audio, live performance, video, text and other.  Her research is dedicated to the multiplicity of the (female) voice, the volumes of voice, and modes of softening structures. Her work is necessarily and consciously in a dialogical practice with the intersectional feminist discourse.

eva is a co-founder of Jacuzzi, an artist-run space at the crossroads of performance, visual arts, and time-based media in Amsterdam