(*1986) Czechoslovakia, lives and works in Amsterdam (NL)

eva susova is a multidisciplinary artist investigating corporeality- the liaison between the body, mind and voice through the production of multi-sensorial experiences.
Forms representing her artistic research are mainly live performance, audio, video, text, installation and drawing. 

"My artistic research is concerned with the poetics and problematics of the (female) voice, embodied knowledge, touch, listening, attention and ecology. I strive to decompose existing concepts and categorisation that divide life for the accumulation of capital. 

Digging into decomposition as a process of transformation, I am currently investigating the world of fungi as a source of knowledge that can inspire new ways of living, becoming and relating.

I understand my artistic practice as a space of radical imagination. I am especially interested in methodologies of speculative fiction and non-linear narratives. My work is necessarily and consciously in a dialogical practice with intersectional feminism."

eva obtained her MA in Fine Arts at Sandberg Institute, her BA in Choreography at the SNDO at Amsterdam University of Arts. She received her contemporary dance education at the Conservatorium Duncan Center in Prague and at DOCH Stockholm University of Arts. 
susova is a co-founder of Jacuzzi, an artist-run space at the crossroads of performance, visual arts, and time-based media in Amsterdam.